Departure la Cité du Vin

Departure la Cité du Vin

In partnership with La Cité du Vin, our company offers you a choice of various “Passes”, pairing the permanent exhibition of La Cité du Vin with a wine cruise. Hop aboard for an immersive, sensorial journey to discover the world’s wine civilizations. After accessing the belvedere, head to the nearby landing stage. Aboard our boats, our expert guide will lead you through a tasting of wines representative of the Bordeaux region.

Wine Tasting Cruise Cité du Vin

Guided cruise on the Garonne River, dedicated to the wines of Bordeaux

Enjoy a scenic river cruise, for an out-of-the-ordinary discovery of Bordeaux and its world-class wines. In the company of an expert, taste 2 wines representative of the regional vineyards. And during your tasting, listen to the fascinating history of the Bordeaux quays, in which the river and the local wine trade are intimately linked.

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Starting from21€/ Pax.

Wine cruise Blaye-Bourg

Pass Cité du Vin and boat trip along the right bank of the estuary

All aboard for a cruise featuring the vineyards and cultural heritage on the right bank of the Gironde Estuary. A tasting highlighting food-wine matches is followed by an underground tour of the Vauban fortress in Blaye. Then travel by coach along the picturesque riverbank to Bourg, a one-of-a-kind village overlooking the Dordogne River. On the way back you will stop to visit a winegrowing estate.

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Starting from130€/ Pax.

Wine-Cruise Médoc

Discovering the vineyards and wine châteaux by the river

A unique wine tour, following by coach the Médoc wine châteaux route, then returning by boat up the Gironde Estuary. After a visit to a wine estate, board your boat at Fort-Médoc, a Vauban fortress listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, to return to Bordeaux. On-board, your guide will lead you through a tasting of 3 local wines.

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Starting from49€/ Pax.

Lunch & Wine Tasting Cruise "Grands Crus"

SUNDAY 21 MAY /// Visit of the "Cité du Vin" & lunch aboard on the Sicambre

SUNDAY 21 MAY. Within the Week-end des Grands Crus organised by the UGCB,  visit the permanent exhibition of the "Cité du Vin" and extend the experience with a lunch on the boat the Sicambre for a special tasting cruise of the Grands Crus. The cruise departure is at the "Cité du Vin".

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Starting from90€/ Pax.

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